Tuesday April 6th 2004

Myth II 1.5 Public Beta 1 Released! { Gholsbane }

Project Magma have been working hard over the past few months on a new update the Myth II. Now is your chance to see the result of this work and have your say on any outstanding issues you've had with Myth that haven't been adressed.

Go check out the Myth II 1.5 project page now to download this first public beta and make sure to go back to the bug tracker to report any issues you might find with the update. A list of updates [.pdf] has also been made available.

We encourage you all to adopt this update over 1.4.4 since–although it's a beta–it has been thoroughly tested already and boasts countless bug fixes over 1.4.4 already. If everyone adopts quickly, the problem of red games can be minimised, since 1.4.4 is incompatible with the 1.5 patch.

Enjoy the update and have fun!