Tuesday March 23rd 2004

Catchup Catchall { Gholsbane }

OK as penance for my long silence on this wonderful site, I have a few things to share.

First up, Project Magma have relaunched their website with a new forum and projects page (featuring brand new wish lists) along with all their old beloved downloads. Go check it out!

In related news, Myth development is still going strong and Magma (yes the same one) are spearheading work on 1.5 versions of both TFL and Myth II with public betas to be forthcoming. Keep your eyes pealed and check out the wishlists for these projects while you wait.

News has been sparse of late with regards to the mythical Mill replacement, but I'll reassure you now that work is progressing on The Tain, there's just a lot of it. Don't lose hope though, plugins will be getting their home back.

Important news for Mac OSX Mythers: the latest update to the OS, 10.3.3, creates some problems with graphics rendering in Myth II. The only solutions right now are to not install the update yet, or to switch to Software Rendering in Preferences. The upcoming 1.5 patch will address this issue.

In keeping with the Myth museum theme, here's an interesting audio file sent to me by Timothy "stratman" Lantz. It's a recording (very poor quality) of a prank call made to Bungie with one simple request: Pet Ghols. It's very hard to make out unless you know what you're listening for but I thought it would make some of you smile. I'll see what I can do about a transcript. Of course, any help would be appreciated.

That about sums it up for the mo', except to say that I hope to be making some progress on the new design here over the next few months. I'm not promising anything though, work has a habit of beating you over the head till you fall, then beating you some more while you're down.

Take care all!