News Archive for March 2008

Monday March 17th

Myth lives! { Zandervix }

News is slow, but e-mails continue. I got this [mass] e-mail from long-time Myther Charles D'Ghol:

Dear Myth Gamer,

If you haven't played Myth in a while or have forgotten the joy of blowing up your friends with dorf bottles or the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you use your Trow to kick your enemies into tiny bloody pieces, stop right now, go to and download the latest version of Myth II and rediscover just how much fun playing Myth is!

What's that? You thought Myth died when Microsoft absorbed Bungie? You are surprised to be getting email about a 10-year-old computer game? Why are you surprised? Great games stand the test of time, and people are still enjoying playing Bungie's series of original Real-Time strategy games today - 10+ years after they were first released! If you haven't played in a while, you might also not know that:

- All three of the Myth games have been upgraded to run on the latest hardware and operating systems (Windows Vista & Mac OS X)

- A fan created and supported free myth game server is up and running so myth players can meet online to blow each other to pieces.

- Fans have continued to create new Maps and Plugins, Myth-related sites, new forums, and even new Myth tournaments! Ten years after its first release, Myth lives!

With new tournaments, new maps, new plugins, new myth related sites, new mapmaking tools and more all springing into existence during the past year, and a number of exciting projects in the works, including a new version of Myth II (v1.7) expected to be released sometime later this year, this 10 year anniversary of Myth II's release is looking to be an exciting year for Myth gamers. Whether you are a die-hard competitive legend in the Myth world who has been away because you suffered amnesia, or you are a casual Myther who never quite finished the solo campaign on the Timid difficulty level, come on back and rediscover just how fun Myth is!

Hope to see you on mariusnet Soon(tm),

A Myth friend.