News Archive for October 2007

Saturday October 6th

Playmyth shuts down { Gholsbane }

It's been coming for months, but last Monday, Blades finally pulled the plug on Whether this is for good or for the time being is unclear, but by now we're all fed up of speculation.


I have just decided I no longer have the time or energy to deal with the endless cavalcade of drama and abuse that it entails and it's time for me to move on with my life.

So head over to Mariusnet, fresh from a recent merger with Mythforums, where the long-standing original third-party metaserver is still of course running.

Life goes on, and word is Project Magma are still hard at work on improvements to Myth II. I'd say stay tuned for updates, but these days our missives tend not to be so much hot off the press as lying in the gutter, smeared with rotting batter, stale vinegar and the muddy bootprints of tramps long since bored with what passes for news in this community these days.

Stay cheerful!