News Archive for February 2007

Thursday February 8th

Tournament: Proelium Standards { Gholsbane }

t o x y n writes in with some glorious PR for a new tournament hooray!

Proelium Standards - A 5v5 Myth2 vTFL Team Tournament

The time has arrived for mythers to take a step back to the foundation which spawned our everlasting community. It is time to play Myth old-school style, with suicidal dwarfs and massive melee battles. The classic fun element that many have forgotten will be rediscovered.

On February 12th, registration will open for the Proelium Standards tournament. Featuring vTFL gameplay with 2-team and allied games, coupled with your favorite maps. 2-Team games will be 5v5 and allied games will be 2v2v2v2. Teams will need at least 5 people on their roster (7 players max) in order to register.

Proelium will be a season + single-elimination playoffs style of tournament. Home maps will also be used (teams pick 2 map each) throughout the season and playoffs.

Now is the time to start gathering your team to prepare for the first portion of Myth's 10 Year Anniversary celebration (November). Join old-schoolers and new players alike in this event of classic carnage!

Proelium Website is @

Don't worry, this isn't a return to form. Expect another news update in a couple of years.

Saturday February 3rd

Myth Vault Launched { Zandervix }

What is the Myth Vault you ask? Well, I'll tell you. Or actually, I'll let the post from their main page tell you (lazy, aren't I?):

At present, the focus is on videos, screenshots, films/recordings, posters/banners, and mp3s, but if there is interest from the community, The Myth Vault could also be setup to host plugins, patches, and other creations, but that is not the focus at this time.

So go check it out, and help another Myth site add to our little community!