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Tuesday August 15th

Valor Tournament { Gholsbane }

Word from Andre "The Giant" Z:


The Myth community has been together and active for nearly a decade and dozens of tournaments have been played crowning both teams and individual players as among the that have ever played the game. With the 10 year anniversary since the beginning of the Myth series rapidly approaching, and many traditions still living on to this day, the tournament circuit still continues to thrive and provide some of the most entertaining gameplay and player antics seen by the gaming community. Now, after the 8th running of the famous Myth World Cup tournament, comes a new and creative style of team tournament: Valor.

Featuring both Team FFA & 3v3 (2 Teams) games as well as a newly designed points/elimination system that will offer a new challenge to both seasoned veterans and newcomers alike- the Valor Tournament will be the first team tournament of its kind introduced to the Myth community. Teams will also have the opportunity to earn bonus points to further increase their chances of staying alive in the tournament to join the top six overall teams in the final round.

36 teams, 10+ weeks of carnage, 6 finalists, one champion. Start gathering your team together now and play to earn your Valor.

Visit the official Valor Tournament website for more information.