News Archive for September 2005

Sunday September 18th

The continuing chronicles of a dwarf { Gholsbane }

Alex Smith sent in the first chapter of his new fan fic series Chronicles of a Dwarf, that started with the prologue I posted on Friday. Check it out!

You can also read the whole series so far on one page.

Friday September 16th

Slew of Magma Releases { Gholsbane }

Project Magma have been busy. Here's a rundown of their latest releases:

+ Ultimate Team Battles
Large-scale Myth warfare on some well loved classic meshes courtesy of ChrisP.
+ Frenzy of the Damned
An update to Conner's TFL classic. This marks IronDuke's last major contribution to Myth mapping. We'll miss you Iron!
+ Requiem of the Dead
At long last, GHOST® has released his extreme feat of mapmaking. This coop isn't for the faint of heart.
+ Mazzarin's Demise 5
Yet another return to this classic epic coop. ChrisP has surpassed himself yet again. [updated to v2]

Phew, now get downloading!

Fan Fiction Frolics { Gholsbane }

After far too long a hiatus, I've cleared out the fiction queue. Just a note: please email me when you submit your stories, there's no automatic notification, and I don't often look at the queue.

Anyway, here are your stories, two new series, a continuation and a standalone:

Happy reading!

Myth Tournament 2005 { Gholsbane }

Psyched posted to the Asylum with full details of the Myth Tournament we talked about last month.

Sounds like a blast!