News Archive for august 2004

Tuesday August 24th

Myth Graveyard Re-Visited { Zandervix }

Just pointing out a site that some may have forgotten: Myth Graveyard has been busy collecting old articles and such for quite some time now. Quite a bit of good information, as well as nostalgia. If you've never been there, well.. for shame. But you can redeem yourself! Go check it out!

Friday August 20th

A Shattered Visage { Gholsbane }

Orlando the Axe has just released a new map through the Project Magma evil empire label. Go and enjoy the new multiplayer carnage with A Shattered Visage today! Limited stock, buy now! Features a nice colour map and stacks of mesh variants. Woot!

Wednesday August 11th

Myth Gazetteer { Gholsbane }

vinylrake writes in with some news of an updated Myth II FAQ and a map meta-directory:

First, the Myth II: SoulBlighter FAQ has been updated [with permission of the previous FAQ maintainer] to be current - references to have been replaced with info about playmyth and mariusnet, map download links have been updated, and info about where to download the latest version of Myth II have been updated as well. The new and improved FAQ is located at

Second, there is a new meta-directory of Myth Maps and places to download them called the "Myth Gazetteer". It's basically a list of maps for all 3 myth games, descriptions/reviews of the maps and where you can download them (when known) - so far there are I think around 500 maps indexed there, most with active download links. It's still in a skeletal form, as there aren't a lot of map descriptions or reviews yet, but hopefully if the site gets any traffic, visitors will add their own info, or reviews to make the site more useful.

Nice to see the community stepping in to fill some holes. Hopefully this should tide us over till a full hosted Myth map archive makes an appearance. It's coming, I swear…

Thursday August 5th

Fan Fiction Update { Gholsbane }

Things have been pretty slow here at m.b.o for various reasons. Comes down to us being busy and having to prioritise. Hopefully I'll get some free time soon to dedicate to the site again, but I'm not sure when. Anyway, here are some stories from two of our most prolific fan fiction authors, one of them the start of a brand new series. Check them out, and don't forget you can add comments to the stories.