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Myth Strategy is at a maxed out standstill at the moment -- there is only so much you can do before it comes down to a simple melee clash. Once that happens the battle is placed into the hands of lady luck and you really can't change the outcome then after. All we can do is learn how to maximize or chances of winning the skirmish before it event happens. We do this by getting our troops in long lines and manuevering in such a way as to get the maximum amount of our troops attacking the minimum amount of enemy troops at any one time. It's also been experimentally proven that you do best to have all your melee concentrate on the enemies warriors, not their thrall.

The problem is both players will be doing the same thing and you will do a crazy run around unless you learn to control your troops and anticipate how the enemies will move so you can counter and be in a better position to wedge his warriors with your combined forces. First we will start with the basics...

  • Article 1 - Controls

    The best controls are the ones you have plenty of experience using and are very comfortable with. However, before you become attached with your current configuration you might want to see an example of ours. Not everyone uses these exact same keys and not everyone takes advantage of presets, but this gives you an idea how you can. Mix and match ideas from this configuration with your own and give it a try.

  • Article 2 - The Basic Pincer

    Now you need to learn the basic manuever that has been the focal point of all confrontations between two experienced players -- It emerged early in the demo week and has held true since the dawn of Myth. It is simply an application of the fact that if you have 20 guys pounding on five you kill those five much faster then if you had only 10 guys attacking the five. The quicker you kill off the enemy units the less time they have to get in hits on you, and the less damage you take. You need to use this to fight and kill enemies efficiently so you can be able to dish out more damage then you receive. This is the first step to becoming a pro.

You have mastered the basics but now you've found that you are playing with people your equal. How do you gain the edge over them because they know exactly what you now. You have to learn to use all the tricks in the book to gain tiny advantages with every opportunity you get. Here are some ways to gain the advantage...

  • Article I - Archer Guide

    The number one misused unit in the game. Most people simply use their archers to ward off other peoples archers. This is a foolish waste because you'll just kill off each others archers. Instead use the paper, rock, scissors idea and find a more efficient way of killing off their archers, whole using yours to cause damage on something else. Both ghols and warriors make excellent archer killers, learn to use them for that and use your archers to weaken the enemies so you can finish them off with your troops if they try the same thing on you.

Now you can kill thins quite effectively, but you need to learn some basic tactics for the different game types. After all, reducing another army to rubble might win a 1x1 game, but it wont accomplish much for you in a five-way flag rally. Here are some plans....

  • Article i - Territories 101

    Territories is a game of travel and intelligence. You can't simply run around after every flag as fast as you can. You must pick and choose your battles and keep enough of your army alive at the end to hold flags in the last minute or two. But you can't just camp around and do nothing because you wont stand a chance of getting enough flags in time.

  • Article ii - BC Trow

    This article covers the notorious BC Trow game. It is scorned by many advanced player, but maybe only because they arent as good as they think they are, and simply haven't found how to play it. Indeed, BC Trow is like no other 1x1 battle anywhere. You get large numbers of units, and they are all powerful. Three trow, dozens of zerks and myrm, fist fulls of dwarf heros and fetches...you will surely get wasted if you don't have a plan.

  • Article iii - Last Man on For Carnage Apply Within

    Groo's excellent plan for when you start in the center when playing Last Man on the Hill on For Carnage Apply Within. It is complete with visual aids to help communicate the setups.

  • Article iv - Last Man on For Carnage Apply Within

    This article covers Venice, it mainly focuses on how to win LMOTH, but has excellent in depth strategies on how to handle your locks and other units.

There is more to Myth then just playing FFA games. You can team up on maps with huge numbers of units and divide them up amongst several team members. Then you have to coordinate attacks and decide how best to deploy your troops across the battlefield.

  • Article A - Team Captaining

    Team games can be very fun or very lame depending on your captain and partners. This guide will help make you both of those to other people. You need to learn to divide up troops both effectively and fairly. You need to learn how to coordinate attacks with team members. Team games are a great change from FFA's.

Finally you must go play netgame after netgame of Myth until you gain experience. When you get brutally slaughtered be sure to save the replay and find out what happened. When you kill someone else so if you can pick out what they did wrong. Most off all just keep playing and trying things

  • The Academy - Enter Forum

    After you've experimented on your own for a while it's time to come share your experiences with others. The Academy is a WebBBS forum where you can have threaded message discussions to share your strategies with others.

List of Strategy Contributors: Joshstar, Placid, Bill the Cat, Groo, Bob Einung and you?

We are in need of more reader submitted articles. Among the many topics still left uncovered here, these are some ideas:

  • Game Types -- bacon, flag rally
  • Units -- dwarf use, ghol/puss strats, trow guide
  • Map Specific -- graveyard tactics, Gimbe tactics
  • Team Games -- CTF on desert

If you have any articles, send them in.

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