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The Wasteland -  A spam forum for general discussion and stuff.

The Academy -  A strategy board for both solo Mythmaster and multiplayer gamers.

The Asylum -  A home for story discussion & theories.

The Forge -  A discussion board Myth modmakers.

All of our forums run on WebBBS 4.33. They are threaded so you can have easier discussions. Also, when you respond to a post it should autoquote the message your are responding to so you can reply to specific points. You can check a box when you make your post to have all responses to your message e-mailed to you so you don't have to keep coming back here, and can even subscribe to receive all posts on the forum in your inbox. If you have cookies enabled you can set your display preferences and choose from a number of news formats, it will also keep track of when your last visit was and mark new posts new. As of v4.33 you may also register your name and user information with us to prevent name spoofing by forum lemurs.

At this time you may use HTML tags as needed to format your posts. However this is subject to change as abuse occurs. Also, for your convenience, if you type a url starting with http:// then it will be automatically href'ed so readers can click it like a normal web link. You may also append images to the end of your messages without the need to punch in your own <IMG> HTML tags.

Keep in mind with all this freedom we grant you that we now have admin scripts, wherein we can filter any posts with various "naughty" words, delete offensive posts and spam, and even ban IPs if it comes to such, so don't go abusing the forums. They are a great power; use them wisely.

Anyway, please report any cgi problems or forum abusers ASAP. Enjoy.

The Bungie.Org forums are faithfully maintained by Claude, to whom we are eternally gratefull. They are mostly monitored and administered by Forrest, in theory. Thanks of course to WebBBS for creating the scripts to begin with.

Myth at Bungie.org is now maintained almost entirely by Gholsbane and Zandervix; Forrest is (theoretically) still around calling the shots when he can be bothered to check his email, and Claude, as always, OWNZ U. Original Nontoxic™ webpage design copyright (c) 1998 by Joshstar; updates and revisions mostly by Forrest. Many thanks to all those old Nontoxic™ munkies - you know who you are.

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