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  Myth 2 is here in all it's glory. Heaps of neat new features, a great new solo campaign, and best of all (imho), a shining new bungie.net and ranking system. Those of you who were around in the first days of Myth remember the comraderie and honor common to most players. Everyone knew everyone else, cheating was almost nonexistant and quickly stamped out, and best of all, rank actually meant something. We had _good_ players in the celestial ranks. Lord Bob, Mercy, and Malory to name a few; people with style, skill and character. Those were good days, when I spent a large amount of my already skimpy free time playing Myth.

  Then the 1.1 one patch came, and things quickly went down the shitter. Nobodies lacking any shred of skill started spending massive amounts of time playing and gaining celestial status whilst the ranking system was in flux between resets. New ways to cheat started showing up, and the quality of character of your average b.net denizen plumetted. Ever since that point, rank has been worthless. No one with a modicum of actual skill ever held the comet again. BC TROW!!! became a favorite of your local rankwhore, adding to the general sense of lameness. Needless to say, I had quickly lost interest in bungie.net. Without the excitement of rank to spice up my games and the fellowship of my brother b.net'ers, it was just BC TROW!!! with 'Âûƶ¿·ªÊ«ÆûĪ©', the recalcitrant 12 year old on crack.

  After a while, Bungie answered the cries of its staunchest supporters, adding unranked rooms as havens from the madness. A new community started to thrive, which I believe is the only thing that has kept me from dumping Myth. Though again, I started to lose interest. After all, how much Dwarven golf and it's 50 lame variants can a man handle? So Myth again found itself in a dusty corner. I've amused myself since by making websites and hanging out on irc with my lemur fellows. But...

  Now I stand ready to reamurge into online Myth, much like the Native Cyberian Blue Eyed Lemur, as it awakens from hibernation, sheds it's winter feathers, taking leg to the paradises of southern Calamazoo. Equipped with an awesome and hopefully cheat-proof new ranking system, where the person with the most wins in a diversified category of game types/maps sits on top, and great new map tools that will enable us to make even better new maps, bungie.net looks able to stand the test of the inevitable influx of misguided, and dare I say, crack-addled preteens and teenagers.

  And so I say, let us not waste this second chance we've been given. Don't be lame, don't play BC Trow, and to those prospective mothers in the audience, don't smoke the crack rock. The results of such actions slap us in the face every time we log into Myth I bungie.net.

Myth II: A New Hope
By Weevil

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