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Tribunal's Rainy Day Fun-time Activity

If you will direct your eyes to your desktop or "startup screen" you may notice an icon similar to this one.

This is your "Myth CD". It is in your "CD Drive", where you (or your parent or guardian) probably put it many months ago. It has remained in there undisturbed, and will continue to do so, for as long as you enjoy playing Myth.

If you do not see a "Myth CD" icon on your desktop, you either

  • do not have Myth
  • have taken your "Myth CD" "Out" of the drive
  • have the "Full Install" and are a "Dirty Bastard" with "Too Much Money" and should "Die"
  • use a non-graphical operating system such as DOS, Unix or "A Vividly Creative and Significantly Disturbed Mind"
The "Myth CD" is very special. It contains two games. One is Myth, which was called Strategy Game of the Year by Computer Gaming World magazine. The other is probably less known, and certainly less enjoyable. It is called "Tribunal's Tubularly Traptacular Trow Puzzle".

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