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Great Gaming Moments

We've all had one of those moments:

  • Negotiating the wandering wights of 'The Great Devoid' with the Head of Balor in your pocket only to come face-to-face with the enemy himself: Soulblighter
  • That first compiler that shot an energy bolt at you upon your 'Arrival' on the Marathon
  • Stepping out of the Prison Ship Rikers onto the planet surface and found yourself overlooking a huge canyon with a beautiful blue-green waterfall in Unreal.
  • Watching the opening sequence of Half-Life where you felt as though you were watching the opening of a Hollywood action movie, starring... you!

This is a place to share those 'moments' that you've had while playing computer or video games. It doesn't specifically have to be a 'Myth moment', but it does have to be something that was special to you. Read through our submissions!... you might find other have moments like your own.

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