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Demo Page | 10/10

I have everything laid out in my mind, now I just need to put it on paper...well you know what I mean! anyways, I'll have a demo page up rather soon for you fellahs, and I'll put a poll up asking you to decide if you like it or not.

Site | 10/9

OK, I've come up with a solid layout for the site...and you can expect it to be up by the end of the week.
Now I hear a few people want me to use news scripts...and I'd be glad to oblige! One problem...what the heck is a news script? >:)

Forum | 10/8

I got a Forum up...only people involved in MoS can get in tho! sorry fellahs.

Booze, er nooz | 10/5

OK, I've messed around with the newsletter page, and it's not to my liking yet...but I'll worry about that after I finish the Restricted Area. Please E-mail me with suggestions for color schemes and sample patterns.

We need agents! | 10/4

OK fellahs, we got some job openings!

E-mail Andy to apply.


Up and Runnin' | 10/3

Well, as you've probably guessed, the MoS coveted webmaster job has been transfered to me! (yay!) Sorry about the big delay, I had major issues with my scripting and I am going to add all that fun stuff later... This is also NOT the final color scheme and/or layout of the page...I just wanted to get this uploaded!