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Age and Era General Period Year/Date Noteworthy Events
  ("The Time Before" is everything before the prehistory of the Axe Age and before the creation of Wyrd's world)
  The Time Before  
  The God Wyrd has the "One Dream" vision of the world he wants to create.
The Axe Age    
  At Genesis  
  Nyx fights Wyrd "for reasons unknown".
      The battle is basically won by Wyrd as he starts making the world. Nyx, however, is able to scar Wyrd's world by the creation of the Tharsis volcano at the end of the battle.
      The creation Tharsis, some believe, is where Nyx's creation, the Trow, were created simultaneously with Tharsis.
      The Dark Gods feel somehow betrayed by Wyrd's creation, and so they shatter his One Dream, his One Dream being a source of power to create the world, and cut off the head of his son, Segoth, keeping it animated and talking for eternity.
    From this point on, Wyrd no longer has total control of his world, his power broken, his world dominated by the Trow.
  Post Genesis



Every thousand years, a new species arises on the world, eventually coming into conflict with the Trow. The new species is then dominated and oblitterated into extinction by the Trow. Between these conflicts every thousand years, there are times of peace.


One Aeon plus One Millenium Before Younger Races

    The last of the millenial waves of new species comes to the world, known as the Callieach. The Trow have called them the "Sovereigns of the Time Before". The Callieach are the greatest magicians the world has even seen
  One Aeon Before Younger Races

After rising to formidable power, the Callieach oppose the Trow.
    The remaining Callieach flee to a region in the far East and south of Gower called the Valley of the Red Seal to make their stand.
    The Callieach destroy themselves with their magic in a great explosion, killing many Trow in the process, creating the Great Devoid.
  The Aeon of Peace    
    Nothing much happens at all, no newer species coming into the world.
  Younger Races  
    The first of the Younger Races, the Oghres, whom the Trow call "knowledgable of the waking world", appear.
    Other Younger Races appear, such as Forest Giants, Humans, fir'Bolg, Dwarves, etcetera.
The First Era  

1570 H.C.

("H.C." is never described in what the meaning of the abbreviation is. However, many speculate that the term may mean "Heron Calendar". In any case, the dating system works much like B.C. of the Gregorian Calendar, the years starting at 0 H.C. and going backwards.)

    Human civilization and the rest of the world seems to have been brought into a Dark Age. Documented history is still a thousand years away, but most speculate the first Leveler appeared to level civilization and keep people in the Darkness.
  Miscellaneous Axe Age Periods  
    Sometime during the Axe Age, most likely during the First Era, the region of the Free Cities of the North was settled by Humans.
    Humans came into conflict with the fir'Bolg.
The Age of Reason 570 H.C.
The Second Era  
    It is unrecorded, but it is assumed that the Great Comet first appeared at this time.
    The first recorded Leveler, though name unknown, comes to the world to seek only conflict an destruction.
  Simultaneously, the first recorded Great Hero, Tireces, rises in the East to oppose to the Leveler.
    The Volcano of Tharsis erupts to echo the coming of the Comet
    The two champions battle, and Tireces defeats the Leveler. The Leveler was immobilized by sorcery, beheaded, and burned at the stake.
    Tireces ushers in the Age of Reason, the first recorded Light Age.
    Tireces founds the city of Llancarfan
  The Golden Age of the Second Era  

0 H.C. / 0 A.E.

    Clovis, leader of the Cath Bruig people, creates the Cath Bruig Empire upon Llancarfan. He renames all but the Imperial Palace of the new capital Muirthemne.
    The calendar is reformed to reflect the change, all dates going backwards from this point and also being known as years of "H.C.". All years following this would be labeled "A.E." for Acit El, meaning "Golden Age" in the language of the Cath Bruig.
  180 A.E.
    The Oghres, wakingly wordly as the Trow point out, call the Trow a race of consorts to their goddess, Nyx. This was true, every temple, every shrine dedicated to their creator, Nyx. Their pride hurt, the Trow enslaved the Oghres.
    To help prevent and put down Oghre rebellion, to keep the Oghres under control, the Trow invented iron-working and designed iron armor and weapons.
The Wind Age 431 A.E.
The Thrid Era  
    The Great Comet appears for the first time in recorded history, coming from the East.
    Tireces returns as the Leveler Moagim, coming from the East. Moagim organizes the Myrkridia, horrible creatures who have been a great menace to Humanity for centuries, and has the Myrkridia successfully win battles strategically.
    Tharsis errupts.
    Moagim kills the unnamed Great Hero.
    Moagim is captured, drawn, and quartered. Tied to each limb, the four immortal horses pulled apart his body as it was quartered, dragging the pieces to the four corners of the world.
  The Darkness of the Third Era  
    Though dead, Moagim ushered in the Dark Wind Age, Myrkridia terrorizing the world, the Empire practically crumbled to pieces.
    Mazzarin founds The Nine Avatara. They have a primary goal to unite the 49 Dreams of Wyrd into the One Dream once again.
      Bahl'al, the former name of The Watcher, invents Thrall. Thrall are the rather long-dead corpses of humans, which have been reanimated (made undead) and given armory, by sorcery.
    Bahl'al uses his Thrall to ambush Mazzarin, wave after wave cutting at him from all directions. By the seventh wave, the Thrall (and perhaps also Bahl'al) kill Mazzarin.
    The Tain, and a lot of Muirthemne, is created by the Smiths of Muirthemne, being Dwarves.

The Wolf Age/

The Age of Light

1431 A.E.  
The Fourth Era  
    Connacht, nicknamed" the Wolf" by many, appears from the region of Gower in the Northeast.
    Connacht eventually leads armies against the Myrkridia, eventually able to imprison them in the Tain.
  1435 A.E.  
    The Oghres rebell against the Trow after twelve centuries of slavery. The war rages for thiry years, the trow using their iron weapons to combat the Oghres.
  1465 A.E.
    In the Battle at the Valley of the Red Seal, in the same place as the previous battle of the same name, the Trow fight the Oghres as they make their last stand. The fighting lasts for a month, the result making the Oghres extinct.
    The Trow are disgusted at another of their atrocious acts, this time not erecting any monuments to their victory. The Trow abandon their iron weapons and become impotently docile.
    Connacht strikes the Trow at their moment of weakness, imprisoning them beneath the Fortress of Rhi'anon. He does this to save the world the pain of being under their rule.

Connacht melts structures of the Trow the Oghres had not destroyed into the ice of the north, virtually erasing all existance of the Trow from the world. This seems to make the statement "Humans are masters of the world now."

    The Great Comet appears, this time from the West.
    The Leveler Moagim Reborn comes from the West.
    Tharsis errupts.
    Connacht and Moagim Reborn have a battle, the Emperor dying in the process.
    Connacht the Wolf defeats Moagim Reborn, absolutely ending the Wind Age and ushering in the Age of Light, also named after him.
  The Golden Age of the Fourth Era  
    Connacht restores and surpasses the Cath Bruig Empire to its former glory during this period.
    Connacht, along with at least Myrdred, imprisons Bahl'al, The Watcher, under the Cloudspine.
    Connacht realizes that the Cycle had become all too clear, so he sets out to attempt to destroy it, having his Lieutenant, Damas, secret away many artifacts and magical items.
    The people of the Cath Bruig Empire, realizing what their Great Hero had done for them, make Connacht their Emperor by popular demand, the other killed during the battle with Moagim Reborn.
    Connacht fears he has not done enough to protect Humanity and to destroy the Cycle, so he disappears.
  Beginning of the End [of the Golden Age of the Fourth Era]  
  2181 A.E.
    Connacht returns to the world as Balor, the Leveler.
    Balor fights the armies in the East, such as the Myrmidons, human warriors related to the Berserks.
    Because the Myrmidons were such incredible and nearly unbeatable fighters, Balor subborned them by offering them immortality. They then joined his side and allowed him to be a proper match for the Cath Bruig.
  2311 A.E.
    The Twenty-Years War is fought, a way of succession, in the area of Covenant.
  2331 A.E.
    The Twenty-Years War ends.
    The Province becomes semi-independent from the Empire (most likely because the Empire was concentrating on defending itself, rather than try to keep control of the Province, the Province wanting its own nationalistic freedom).
  2422 A.E.
    Balor summons the Fetch, priestesses of gods from another realm, to battle with him.

The Sword Age

2431 A.E.
The Fifth Era  
  The Great War    
    Balor has created his enormous army of undead, containing Soulless, Myrmidons, Thrall, and has received the alliance of the Ghôls and Trow as well. During this long time of preparation, he also managed to enlist and bind the service of six Fallen Lords to him.
    Balor blitzes his incredible force to Muirthemne itself, razing it to the ground, using magic to destroy all the environment of the former Cath Bruig Empire, the Empire collapsed.
    During this event, one hundred Heron Guards had been stationed in Bagrada (it is assumed). With their Emperor and Empire fallen, so gravely ashamed to not have died with their Empire as they swore, they felt they needed to become penetant. The Journeymen they turned into were healers who sought only to help people.
    Myrgard is sacked and taken over by the Ghôls directed by the Dark Trow. Upon hearing this, the Dwarves of Stoneheim collapse the Barbican, defense tower, which stands in front of the only entrance to the predominantly underground city, entombing all the Dwarves inside.
  The War in the West  
  The Dwarves and Forest Giants join the Light.
  2463 A.E.
    The Legion is formed.
  2465 A.E.
    Forest Giants successfully help hold off Balor at Seven Gates.
  2468 A.E.
    The Forrest Giants to not return to fight off Balor the fourth year, and so the Dark passes into the West.
    The Watcher and the Deceiver enter Tyr, sacking and destroying the city. When the two forces meet, they clash, and the Watcher barely survives the conflict.
    Soulblighter levels Covenant. Prince Regent Mauriac and the Royal Family, including young Prince Alric, flee through an undergound tunnel to Shoal.
  The Armies of the Province Break at Covenant, scattering to the Free Cities of the North.
    The following years show the Dark dominating the rest of the West except Madrigal and the Free Cities of the North.
  2476 A.E.
  The fir'Bolg ally with their former Human enemies against the Dark. ou'Kahn the Great King of the fir'Bolg and Caliban of the civilized nations helped to forge this truce. This was valuable because most of the archers on the Light side had perished in battles long-previous, and the , ahem, "skilled" archery of the fir'Bolg was needed to help the Light.
  2480 A.E.
  The Shade Phelot decimates Avon's Grove.

Thursday September 11




The Battle for Madrigal between Rabican and Shiver shows Rabican victorious by killing Shiver. This is the first real victory for the Light in the war.

Sunday November 30




Tharsis erupts, melting the ice which had prevented travel through the passes during the winter. The Watcher then attacked the Deceiver because the Deceiver had been plotting against him for years, and they had a history of conflict.
  2481 A.E.  

Tuesday May 19


The Legion enlists the help of the Forest Giants in Forest Heart.

Sunday May 23



The Head had caused a civil war between the defenders and offenders of The Head. Two of the Nine are killed.

May 23-24



The Dwarves from the Legion attack the Ghôl-occupied Myrgard and destroy the Ghôl Godhead.

June 24-35



The Watcher was immobilized with arrows tipped with bone from his own arm, then killed by a group of Berserks.





The Legion approches Balor's Fortress of Rhi'anon, getting close enough to strike.

The Great Comet appears in the Northeast, growing brighter each night.


Tuesday July 21



Balor is killed by Alric and his use of one of the Five Eblis Stones. His head is later thrown into the Great Devoid.
  Circa 2481 A.E.
  Soulblighter flees to the Untamed Lands.
  The Deceiver is defeated and thrown into the Dramus River in Thyrmir's Gorge in the Stair of Grief. He is presumed dead.
  The Berserks return to their home in the North
  The fir'Bolg return to the Ermine to keep their own lands safe from their native enemy, the bre' Unor. They vow to never fight outside their territory again. However, to help ease the strain of the post-war, they agree, at some point, in the next sixty years to train Humans to become Bowmen, the Humans severely mastering and rather soundly outdoing the fir'Bolg in every way.
  Circa 2482 A.E.
  The Dwarves completely recapture Myrgard, refounding their former homeland.
  The Golden Age of the Fifth Era
  Alric ushers in the newest Light Age for Humanity, the Sword Age.
  Soulblighter asks for the continued service of the Trow, but the Trow deny him.
  Soulblighter attains the continued service of the dispersed Fetch.
    Soulblighter uses Tramists Mirror to reincarnate Shiver.
  2540 A.E.  
    Soulblighter begins building his force of undead. Patrols from the Wild River witness this, and consequently rush back through the World Knot north of Scales to warn King Alric of their discovery.
    Alric sends the Seventh Legion through the World Knot back to the Plain of Scales to eliminate Soulblighter's army before it becomes unstoppable.
  The War With Soulblighter  


Shiver attacks Madrigal with the unleashed Myrkridia, Soulblighter recently finding the Summoner to do such. Alric and the Legion flee North to Tandem.
  2541 A.E.
    The Deceiver is freed from his prison and joins the leagues of the Light.
    The Deceiver is able to recruit the Trow.
    Muirthemne is recaptured.
    The Ibis Crown is retrieved, Alric crowned Emperor of the Cath Bruig, he using the power of the crown to strengthen his people.
    The Deceiver kills the Summoner.
    The Deceiver kills Shiver. The Deceiver dies in the process.
    Alric and the Legion face Soulblighter pinned between Tharsis, the Cloudspine, and the Ire River. Soulblighter's army is defeated, and he flees into the Eye of Tharsis, inside the volcano.
    Soulblighter attempts to use his power to geologically shatter the Cloudspine, this destroying the world. He is stopped and killed by Alric before this, however.
    The Legion returns to Muirthemne, victorious. The world is again made safe from the evil of the world.


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