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Training - Mesh Editing

Mapmaking the
Qui-Gon Way

by Qui-Gon Gandalf ~TMBM~

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Basic Loathing Usage

      Mapmaking the Qui-Gon Way
(Continued from "Colormappinng the Qui-Gon Way" . . .)

After saving a COPY of the map to 240 colors, I open the .pict file to make sure there are no color table problems. Once all is well there I cross my fingers, toes, arms and legs, kiss my rabbits foot, do a good luck dance, pray to God, and eat a lucky clover, THEN I import my new colormap into Loathing. If it satisfies me (which it NEVER does) I start to raise/lower/adjust the mesh. When I've made enough progress on this and given the map a basic shape, I start to place scenery and models. Usually it helps to find a picture of the type of landscape you're doing to look how the scenery naturally grows.

The next big thing is placing units. If you're working a multiplayer mesh you have to give all teams the same units, or at least the same amount of points. This also means that you must make it so there are no points leftover after the player has chosen their units. This is also why TMBM has slaves to do this kind of grunt work. Darth Maul is the one responsible for balancing units, and trying to select units that fit the map and make it fun. Without DM, I would be doing this myself, so I thank Darth Maul for bowing to the master and accepting his duty in life.

As a rule, I try to test my own maps the least I have to. Don't ask why, but I don't enjoy my own maps. When testing is all done, I look at films and take screenshots for the pregames. All bugs are eradicated, a description is made ready, the webpage is made ready, the file is uploaded to the Mill, the webpage is updated and the women come crawling to my feet!!

Use my method, and you will get women!

Qui-Gon Gandalf ~TMBM

*NOTE* TMBM does gurantee that using Qui-Gon Gandalfs mapmaking methods will get you women. Furthermore we have seen the effects his mapmaking method have taken on him and we STRONGLY urge you do NOT use these methods without adult supervision.

The Cartorium is brought to you by... YOU! If you are a Myth modmaker and feel you have something that you simply must share with the world, then by all means, let us know.

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